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Green energy

Natural gas is by far the cleanest, most eco-friendly fossil fuel.


Green energy

Natural gas combines eco-friendliness with security of supply, making it an ideal source of energy. It is lower in pollutants than oil and coal, and has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, natural gas contains no aromatic compounds and only negligible quantities of sulphur. As a result, it only emits water vapour and carbon dioxide upon combustion – the same waste products we generate when we breathe. Greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas are 25 % lower than from oil and 30-35 % lower than from coal.

In recent decades, natural gas has become a viable alternative to more traditional fossil fuels – and has played a key role in cutting carbon emissions globally. Its importance as an eco-friendly option will continue to grow, as increasing global energy demand is one of our greatest challenges in the 21 century.


Sustainable solutions are critical to tackling these issues. Natural gas is set to play a key role in the global trend towards renewable energy. Both in the short and long term, natural gas provides the ideal means by which to supply energy to Germany and the rest of Europe while work continues on expanding renewables.


— Natural gas facts

Natural gas facts

Natural gas is used to generate heat and electricity, and is also an important feedstock for the manufacture of many everyday products.



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