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GAZPROM Germania Group supports two Projects in Jemgum with a total of 500,000 Euros

Berlin/Jemgum, 11 June 2019: With a total of 500,000 euros the GAZPROM Germania Group supports two important projects in the municipality of Jemgum in Lower Saxony. In tandem with VNG Gasspeicher, astora GmbH & Co. KG (Kassel) operates one of the largest German cavern gas storages in Jemgum. Since 1 January 2018, astora GmbH & Co. KG (Kassel) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GAZPROM Germania GmbH. Owners of the storage are VNG Gasspeicher GmbH and WINGAS GmbH, another subsidiary of the GAZPROM Germania GmbH.


230,000 euros will be donated to the local fire brigade by GAZPROM Germania Group to allow the acquisition of a new fire engine. In cooperation with other local fire brigades from the community of Jemgum, the volunteer fire brigade ensures the fire-fighting aid for the astora cavern site. Another 270,000 euros will be donated to the Freundeskreis Kindergarten Niederrheiderland e.V. to finance the construction of a new day-care centre or the extension and renovation of the existing day-care centre, respectively.


Hans-Peter Heikens, mayor of the municipality of Jemgum, emphasizes the long-standing cooperation: “GAZPROM Germania Group is not only a reliable partner and employer in the region, the company and its subsidiary astora has also shown a great commitment to the people over the past years. We are very pleased that Gazprom is supporting those two projects that are essential for the community of Jemgum.”


Alongside the business activities, this single financial support underlines GAZPROM’s commitment to assume social responsibility at the company locations. Nikias Wagner, Head of Group Relations (GR/PR) GAZPROM Germania Group: “For Gazprom, social commitment has a long tradition. Ever since the construction of the state-of-the-art natural gas storage began here in 2008 many years ago, we have been closely associated with the community of Jemgum. We are happy to support the people at our business location by subsidising the two important projects of the local fire brigade and the Kindergarten Niederrheiderland."



About GAZPROM Germania Group


GAZPROM Germania Group is a subsidiary of the world's largest natural gas company Gazprom. Since its foundation in 1990, the company has developed into an international group with 44 members in 16 European and Asian countries. Together with its strategic partners, GAZPROM Germania contributes to the reliable and environmentally friendly energy supply of Europe.





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— 11 June 2019

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