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Energy unites people

Delivering a sustainable, secure supply of natural gas for years to come

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Energy unites people

GAZPROM has been a dependable supplier of natural gas to Germany for over 40 years.

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Energy unites people

GAZPROM is investing in expanding Germany’s network of natural gas filling stations.

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Find out about our partnership with German premier league football club FC Schalke 04

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Our support for Russian artists in Germany


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Visit the official Web site of our Moscow-based parent company, PAO GAZPROM.



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16. Nov. — Enjoyed panel @ Russian pavilion @COP23 on role of #natgas as "bridge fuel" in #climate and #EU #energysecurity.… https://t.co/2DdaiqpHYV

16. Nov. — Zeit für LAOLA! Aber diesmal nicht im Stadion. Gewinntjetzt 20 x 10 Tagestickets für den @europa_park! #GAZPROM https://t.co/IWFFpJkeKM

16. Nov. — Live on #Periscope: Ongoing discussion on the role of natural #gas in the transport sector at #COP23 https://t.co/U9eJ6MHzPo

16. Nov. — Live on #Periscope: Natural #Gas - a bridge or destination fuel? Join our discussion at #COP23! https://t.co/7gnnfsb7D9

15. Nov. — Livestream: Ongoing discussion at #COP23 on Russia’s contribution to low-emission economies: https://t.co/Sxkk6z3IWs

14. Nov. — WEO2017-Natural gas to become more prominent in global energy mix than ever before IEA cites the “strong environmen… https://t.co/YVG3IJMYCw

14. Nov. — The @IEA #WEO2017 sees the long-term role of #gas in the global energy mix & acknowledges its opportunities in… https://t.co/zv9MrlTvpQ

08. Nov. — On this day 6 years ago, #Gazprom started commercial #gas supplies via #NordStream. https://t.co/tOHbn22eMB

09. Nov. — #COP23: #NordStream2 Head of Comms, Ulrich Lissek will talk about role of #NatGas in a low-carbon economy. Save the… https://t.co/bdJ9sFbOYu

03. Nov. — 15.11 & 16.11: Veranstaltungen zum Thema Energie & #Dekarbonisierung im Russischen Pavillon bei #COP23 https://t.co/1ku7iqzftu

02. Nov. — .@IEA: #gas industry continues to take actions to reduce #methane emissions and mitigate their impact https://t.co/asZWMb3ZXO

01. Nov. — 1st Russian Pavilion at #climatechange conf. to host 2 side events on Energy & Decarbonisation. Join us on 15 & 16/11 at #COP23!

24. Okt. — Inside #Gazprom: Heute um 19:05 Uhr (MESZ) bei @GalileoLIVE: https://t.co/eQtdICLZQ6

20. Okt. — Schöne Karte, falsche Fakten @RLS_Klima .Wer sich für die Emissionen von #Erdgas interessiert, liest… https://t.co/FhjgKC2qiK

23. Okt. — Emissions from natural gas combustion are well-known & show clear advantages for gas relative to other fossil fuels… https://t.co/jbdYhyAWIs

20. Okt. — #Gazprom betreibt Erdgasspeicher in Haidach (Österreich), Rehden, Katharina, Jemgum und Etzel (Deutschland). https://t.co/hjdOBtEYdR

19. Okt. — "Gas sector shows significant potential to contribute to the decarbonisationprocess," says @CEERenergy at #MadridForum17. Very much agree!

19. Okt. — Steigende Nachfrage nach russischem #Erdgas in 🇦🇹 bestätigt zunehmende Bedeutung von @NordStream2… https://t.co/uGRkXZzR2Z

09. Okt. — Not all energy sources have the same impact to the environment. #naturalgas #climatechange https://t.co/VhCNHSkH9M

16. Okt. — Prof. Dr. Borchardt von @Energy4Europe: #Gas ist viel mehr als nur reine Brückenenergie. https://t.co/XAI7PuphD5

11. Okt. — Key Messages der @dena_news Studie: 1. Technologieoffenheit im Vordergrund 2. Gasnetz als wichtige Grundlage für zu… https://t.co/955fVcKBtI

10. Okt. — Neue Studie zeigt: Gasinfrastruktur ist für die deutsche Energiewende unverzichtbar: https://t.co/84INpJq1Hc https://t.co/kDbeuYvZ1v

05. Okt. — OMV supports #Gazprom in their efforts to engage in diversification of reliable gas infrastructure for Europe #OMV… https://t.co/PouCN63WFk

05. Okt. — Europe's increasing gas demand can be met by Russia, which holds more than 25% in the global gas reserves. #OMV CEO… https://t.co/8iRBegWn0T

05. Okt. — #OMV CEO Seele speaking about "The role of the Russian gas complex in the world energy balance" at St Petersburg In… https://t.co/hx5NIPf7ff

04. Okt. — EU energy statistics: #Erdgas ist und bleibt ein zuverlässiger & wichtiger Energieträger in der EU. https://t.co/wNAE7Auoo0

03. Okt. — Natural Gas as a the green battery of the energy turaround to solve the global energy trilemma. #OMV's Michael Wolt… https://t.co/VkYpjf26Aq

29. Sep. — #Erdgas (46,6%) ist der wichtigste Energieträger in deutscher Industrie. via @destatis https://t.co/rjlDsLvG3A

28. Sep. — #Russia is also a very reliable partner for #Europe. @snam CEO #Alverà at @ACGlobalEnergy @AtlanticCouncil #ACenergy

28. Sep. — Conclusion on #gas demand in #Europe: With decreasing domestic production, gas imports will be the key to fulfillin… https://t.co/5LcrlWytdB

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