— Natural gas for transport

Our Partners

Together with its cooperation partners, NGVE is committed to environmentally-friendly mobility on the road.


Our Partners

Gazprom NGV Europe and its strategic partners are working on a number of projects promoting the use of natural gas for transport, thus making a contribution to environmentally friendly mobility in Europe.

Our projects

There are around 100,000 natural gas vehicles currently registered in Germany, and an extensive network of over 900 natural gas filling stations nationwide.


Together with its partner companies, Gazprom NGV Europe works to enable the clean and efficient use of natural gas as a motor fuel and operates around 50 filling stations around the country.

But these activities are not restricted to the German market: Gazprom NGV Europe and GAZPROM Germania subsidiary VEMEX together constructed 10 new natural gas filling stations in the Czech Republic and Poland. We also see great potential for powering public transport vehicles with natural gas. In 2013, Gazprom NGV Europe and Solbus launched Europe’s first LNG city buses in the Polish city of Olsztyn.


There is also great potential for LNG as a fuel for the shipping sector. LNG is a significantly cleaner fuel than the heavy fuel oil currently used. LNG features in the European Union’s clean fuel strategy, and the German federal government is currently investigating the extent to which LNG may be able to be better integrated into its mobility and fuel strategy.


That’s why we are working on establishing the infrastructure required to supply LNG to ships in ports in Germany and around Europe. In 2016, we collaborated with Hafen-Entwicklungs-gesellschaft Rostock and local authorities to perform the first ever bunkering of a ship with LNG in the southern Baltic Sea, thereby laying the legal and operational foundations for bunkering ships with LNG at Rostock port.


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