— Working for GAZPROM Germania

Energy unites people



People power

Our success is built on the energy and commitment of our employees. Our employees are professionals in their fields, are highly motivated, and search for creative solutions to new challenges.

We appreciate the commitment of our employees and take responsibility by supporting their personal and professional development. Our employees have access to a variety of courses, seminars, and congresses that help them to expand their knowledge and reach their full potential.

Work-life balance

We know that only well-balanced and healthy employees are motivated and efficient, and that’s why we help our employees reach that balance between work life and family life. Our employees keep fit and energize for the next day’s work with a range of company sports activities, for example our football team, BSG GAZPROM Germania. As a socially responsible company, we place great emphasis on helping ensure our employees’ remain healthy and fit for work in the long-term.


Our corporate culture is marked by creativity, responsibility, and a spirit of innovation – all of which lend a positive energy to everyday life at GAZPROM Germania.






GAZPROM Germania received the Hertie Foundation’s audit berufundfamilie certification in 2013. audit berufundfamilie certification is awarded by berufundfamilie GmbH to companies and other institutions that voluntarily implement family-friendly HR policy and agree to binding targets. Around 300 companies, institutions, and universities have taken part in the audit.

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