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Connecting markets and continents

Natural gas reserves for Europe


Business areas

Energy unites markets

GAZPROM Germania trades natural gas in close cooperation with Gazprom export, St. Petersburg.

We also trade natural gas on spot markets and on South-East Asian LNG markets via our subsidiary Gazprom Marketing & Trading (GM&T) in the United Kingdom.

We’re active in the former Soviet Union countries, Austria, Italy, and Serbia via our subsidiary GAZPROM Schweiz AG.

Our subsidiary WINGAS trades in and sells natural gas primarily in Germany. WINGAS GmbH is among Germany’s largest suppliers of natural gas, with a market share of around 20 %. The WINGAS group of companies is based in Kassel, Germany, and operates in Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia in addition to Germany. Its customers include municipal and regional utilities, industrial customers, and power stations.

GAZPROM Germania also operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia via VEMEX, and in Turkey via Bosphorus Gaz Corporation (BGC).



Sources of natural gas used in Germany

Used in conjunction with renewables, natural gas makes an efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable contribution to supplying us with energy. Around a quarter of Europe’s natural gas demand is met by Russian natural gas. Russia also plays a leading role in supplying natural gas to Germany, with about a third of natural gas imports to Germany originating in Russia.

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