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GAZPROM NGVE supplies Zippel with CNG Trucks in Berlin and Leipzig

The company Zippel puts three CNG trucks into operation on Monday 29 April 2019.


The German Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Andreas Scheuer (CSU) was a special guest at the ceremony.


In the future, these trucks will carry containers that reach or leave Berlin by train in combined transport at the ramps of the freight forwarder's customers.


Already environmentally friendly logistics conception of the Zippel company connecting German seaports and the BEHALA in Berlin will now be supplemented by an environmentally friendly transport option in the so-called last mile.


"The CNG trucks have 80 percent less nitrogen oxides and 95 percent less solid particles", said Axel Plaß, Managing Director of the Zippel Group.


Zippel plans to put five more CNG trucks in Berlin into operation by June. Since February 2018, 4 Scania CNG trucks have been transporting containers for the Zippel Group in the Leipzig region.


With the daily use of these vehicles, the Zippel Group shows that environmentally friendly transport can already be in use without high investments, e.g. in e-mobility. Being a part of the public natural gas network, Zippel uses a virtual exchange process to refuel the bio methane at existing CNG filling stations of Gazprom NGV Europe.


"We could imagine reequipment of our entire transport park", Plaß announced, assuming that the temporary toll exemption would be extended accordingly.


Moreover, the Mr. Scheuer supported the purchase of trucks granting a subsidy in the amount of EUR 8,000 each.


Federal Minister also praised Zippel's investment in turn assistants. This is the Luis Turn Detect camera system, which can capture both the space directly next to the right driver's door and a little further away on a separate cycle path.





GAZPROM Germania GmbH is a subsidiary of the world’s largest natural gas producer, Moscow-based GAZPROM. The company bundles the activities of the GAZPROM Group on the European market for natural gas as a motor fuel. These efforts focus on developing an infrastructure capable of supplying trucks and passenger cars with compressed (CNG) and liquefied (LNG) natural gas. In Germany, Gazprom NGV Europe currently operates 47 natural gas filling stations, realizes further infrastructure projects in the Czech Republic and is continuing to promote the expansion of environmentally friendly natural gas mobility in Europe.




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— 16 May 2019

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