— Natural gas for transport

Travel further with natural gas

Fuel your vehicle with natural gas, and significantly boost your range compared to petrol or diesel – for the same...



Powering your vehicle with natural gas can cost up to 50 % less than powering it with petrol and 30 % less than powering it with diesel. That means that drivers of natural gas vehicles can travel significantly further for the same cost – and get much more bang for their buck.

It’s simple: With ten euros’ worth of fuel, a CNG vehicle will travel over 200 km, whereas a petrol vehicle will travel just under 100 km. And thanks to its high energy content, natural gas is not only kind on your wallet, but on the environment, too.


— Natural gas for transport

Eco-friendly and readily available

Driving a natural gas vehicle is kind on the environment. Natural gas vehicles produce much fewer CO2 emissions than petrol or diesel vehicles.



— Natural gas for transport

Our filling stations

Gazprom NGV Europe operates around 50 natural gas filling stations in Germany and a further ten filling stations in the Czech Republic and Poland.



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