— From GAZPROM to you


Crossing borders, traversing continents, from Siberia to Europe



By the time our natural gas reaches Europe, it has already travelled thousands of kilometres since leaving our production sites in Siberia. It has crossed borders and continents under high pressure. But its journey is far from over.

GAZPROM has the longest network of natural gas pipelines of any company in the world, spanning over 168,000 kilometres. If you were to lay them all end-to-end, the pipelines would complete four full circumferences of the Earth. By land or by sea, our pipelines transport natural gas to industrial customers, municipal utilities, and households.

But before the natural gas enters our transit pipelines, it is purified and compressed to a pressure of 11.8 megapascals (MPa). By way of comparison, a car tyre is inflated to a pressure of between 0.2 to 0.003 MPa, and domestic gas distribution pipelines and household gas pipes only require pressure of 1.2 MPa and 0.003 MPa respectively.


— Production

We produce energy

GAZPROM has natural gas reserves of more than 35 trillion cubic metres – the largest in the world.



— Natural gas storage

Reliable supply to Europe

GAZPROM’s state-of-the-art infrastructure includes first-class storage facilities. These play a vital role in ensuring security of supply for Germany and its European neighbours.



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