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Russia's natural gas reserves are among the largest in the world.



GAZPROM physicists, geologists, and drilling engineers work around the clock with our German partners to tap into Russia’s extensive natural gas fields using deep-drilling methods.

Natural gas deposits are explored by seismic measurement and geological assessment. If exploratory drilling proves successful, engineers install pipelines that reach down to the deposit’s location. Natural gas then escapes from the layers of rock.

Once collected, the gas is dried and purified at the processing plant. Water vapour is removed, reducing the gas’s weight for downstream processing and transmission, and ensuring that there is no entrained foreign matter that could damage or block pipelines. Once this stage is complete, the gas is ready for transmission, and fed into the GAZPROM gas network. The journey to Europe starts here.


— Transport

Supply across continents

GAZPROM’s network of pipelines transmits natural gas from the furthest reaches of Siberia to all the major cities of Europe.



— Storage

Reliable supply to Europe

Natural gas storage facilities are pillars of our modern energy infrastructure and are essential for the security of the future gas supply.



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